Help for Parents

We Can Help!

Do you know a youth who is threatening to run away or has run away? Disobeying the reasonable and lawful demands of parents or legal guardians and being beyond their control; and/or truant from school or experiencing school related problems? Lockout or homeless youth? Crosswinds Youth Services Inc. provides information and referral services, assessment, service planning, counseling and case management services to youth and families. The eligibility criteria are as follows:
  • Youth under the age of 18
  • At least one parent or legal guardian willing to participate in services
  • Youth does not have an open case with the Department of Children and Families
  • Youth has not been adjudicated delinquent by the Court.
  • Services are provided in office or in home and are of no cost to the clients.
To inquire about Crosswinds' services for your family, or for parents who are already utilizing Crosswinds' services and would like to speak to someone at Crosswinds, please call 321-452-0800 ext. 100.